Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers several essential aspects related to the use of personal data and information by Camkode:

Collection of Information

  • Data Collected: Camkode collects personally identifiable information such as names and email addresses for communication purposes. Comments Section: Visitors can provide feedback via comments but need to submit their name, email, and website information.

Data Sharing

  • No Sharing: Camkode does not share personal information with external parties. The data collected is solely used to improve services and gather feedback from the site.


  • Usage: Cookies are used to enhance user experience. However, personally identifiable information is not stored within cookies. Visitors can disable cookies but might face limitations in accessing the website's content.

Source Code Copyrights

  • Restrictions: Source code and content downloaded from Camkode are for personal education only. Reposting or using this content for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Analytics & Advertisement

  • Tools Used: Google Analytics is used to track user information.
  • Data Collection: Camkode does not collect sensitive information such as contact numbers, credit/debit card details, or banking information.

Third-Parties and Opt-Out

  • Advertising: Third-parties might display interest-based advertising based on user behavior. Opting out of interest-based advertising doesn't eliminate online ads entirely but stops tailored ads based on browsing habits.

Terms of Use

  • Acceptance: Users accessing the Camkode website are considered to accept the terms outlined in the privacy policy. Any objections should be addressed before using the website's services.

Contact Information

  • Contact: For questions or clarifications regarding the privacy policy or terms of service, users can reach out via email at


  • Subject to Change: The privacy policy is subject to change without prior notice. The last update was made on 04/01/2024. This policy appears comprehensive, covering data collection, usage, and contact information. However, ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations and consider consulting legal counsel to refine or validate the policy's accuracy and adherence to specific legal requirements.

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